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4 Hour Program

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Simple Application

Our simple 15 second online application can get you matched with offers in minutes.


No Minimum FICO

Bad credit? No problem! Most of our top financing options have no minimum FICO.


Larger Amounts

Get matched with the best financing options with the highest funding amount.

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Same Day Funding

Our FinTech Speed can get you in and out of Underwriting in just a few hours, and same day funding!

How To Qualify
3 + Months in Business
We fund all businesses, from the most ancient, to those taking their first steps (with 650+ credit) and everything in between.
5,000 Monthly Gross Sales
If your credit score is 650 or higher, there are no required sales minimums — TRAM has the perfect financing option for you!
600 FICO Score
You don’t need squeaky clean credit to qualify for a small business loan—we work with all credit profiles.


Easy 15-second application to get options in just minutes and funding in hours!
TRAM's Way to Fund Equipment Purchases
How It Works
Step 1 - Apply Online
  • In order to speed up the approval process, all applications must be entered online.
  • TRAM Funding does not accept fax or scanned email applications. 
  • Our simplified online application only takes 2 minutes to fill out!
Step 2 - Credit Approval
TRAM Funding partners will process your application and issues a credit decision (usually within 2 hours) by email.
Step 3 - E-Docs & E-Signatures
  • Legally binding documents are emailed for electronic signature. 
  • The customer signs his documents on their computer or cell phone. 
  • The transaction is now considered closed. 
  • No checks are needed to close. Funding completed through ACH at the customer’s bank
Step 4 - Funding
  • TRAM Funding partners sends 100% of invoice amount to the vendor. 
  • Unlike many funding companies, 100% of invoice is paid prior to any delivery of equipment. 
  • All fundings are paid by ACH, so your vendors receive their money fast!
Why is Fast Important?

Fast access to good financing is the most critical element in any high priced equipment purchase. The speed of car financing is the biggest reason why car sales dwarf every other heavy equipment sales item in the world. Until now, the same convenience was not available to vendors selling business equipment.

Consider the advantages of a 4 Hour Equipment Financing solution:
  • Customers can see the equipment and take it home the same day! 
  • Many customers are buying because they have an immediate need – they want it now!
  • Vendors are paid prior to delivery (unlike current leasing programs which pay after delivery).
  • Customers who must wait 4+ days for funding can lose items to cash paying customers.
  • Most auction and web-based companies do not deal with equipment financing companies because their sales timeline is slower.
  • The financing contract often serves as the “line in the sand” that fully commits the customer. The longer it takes to conclude the more likely it is that the sale will be lost.
  • Customer Service is most recognized when service is fast and efficient.