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Who Qualifies for Settlement Funding
Funders evaluate how much you can receive and how much you might owe in fees based on the strength of your case.
Funders consider many factors; including any medical records, police reports or court filings related to your case.
Funding company decides how likely you are to ‌win your case. The better your perceived odds, the more likely to receive an advance.
What is Pre - Settlement Funding
Pre-Settlement Funding is a CASH ADVANCE for individuals that have a pending personal injury lawsuit. (Automobile Accident, Workers Comp, Slip & Fall, etc. 
The average personal injury lawsuit takes roughly 18 months months.
Many people need funds to cover costs like living expenses, housing, automobile, medical, until they can get back to work or the lawsuits settled.
Lawsuit Advance is a Non – Recourse Advance means that if your case is unsuccessful, you would not have to re-pay
What are the benefits

Receive Funds for Living Expenses Medical Bills

Affords Time More Privacy Negotiate Better Settlement

No Repayment Required If You Lose Lower Anxiety