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What Do You Need To Qualify?
Aging AR Report Required
In order to qualify for AR financing, you must submit an aging AR report.
$500,000 + Annual Gross Sales
The minimum revenue to qualify for AR Financing is $500,000+ in annual gross sales.
No Minimum FICO Score
We have financing options for all credit profiles. There is no minimum FICO score required to apply.


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In order to qualify for business equipment financing, you’ll typically need a FICO score of at least 650 – or 6 months of business history and at least $120,000 in annual revenue.

While banks and credit unions have low approval rates, TRAM offers enormous flexibility when it comes to qualifying for equipment financing.

With a FICO score of 650 or higher, you may be able to forgo time in business and monthly revenue requirements entirely. You can still secure funding if your FICO score is less than 650, but you’ll need to show at least 6 months of business history and $120,000 in annual revenue. This setup is ideal for newer businesses and startups, or those that may be otherwise rejected by traditional banks.

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Frequently Asked Questions
AR financing stands for Account Receivable Financing. It is a type of financing where a company will receive a loan based on a portion of their account receivables. Accounts receivable are assets equal to outstanding invoices billed to customers but have not yet been paid.

To learn more about AR Financing and the options that may be available for your business complete our 15-second online application today.
Accounts receivable financing is when a company will sell or finance off their outstanding invoices for working capital. It can either be in the form of selling the asset to the lender or using the accounts receivable (invoices) as collateral for the loan.
Accounts Receivable Financing is a type of asset-based financing solution that allows business owners to free up unpaid receivables. TRAM Funding advances you cash collateralized by your account receivables, giving you an excellent way to put money back into your business. With A/R financing, you can get a fast advance of about 85% of the value of your receivables.
To learn more about Accounts Receivable Financing complete our 15-second online application today.
Accounts receivable financing uses your outstanding invoices as a form of collateral to help you obtain financing or an advance for your business. But unlike factoring, you do not sell your invoices to a third party. You will continue to remain responsible for collecting on your outstanding invoices while making payments towards your loan.

Ex – When a customer owes you money and has an outstanding invoice, this is known as an account receivable. Basically, money that is owed for goods or a service already delivered to your customer.
AR Financing works by leveraging your account receivables as collateral for a loan. In simpler terms, the money that your customers owe you can be used to help you qualify for a small business loan, line credit or cash advance.
TRAM Funding has a wide variety of accounts receivable financing options. To learn more, complete our 15-second online application to speak with a business financing advisor.
Any business with a business-to-business model can qualify for A/R factoring, as long as they currently have outstanding receivables.
Here’s the deal…
These lenders don’t care as much about your revenue, profitability, or time in business.
Since your account receivables will act as the loan’s collateral, lenders just want to make sure the invoices make sense for them to finance. The rest of your business isn’t too important.
The maximum amount you can qualify for depends on the total amount and quality of your invoices, as well as on your creditworthiness.
It is important to note that some accounts receivable financing lenders take a look at your credit report, too.
To learn more about Accounts Receivable Financing complete our 15-second online application today.
As we’ve mentioned, invoice financing can be an expensive way to receive funding for your business. But it’s essentially the cost of having cash on hand now, instead of later.
Here’s a snapshot into what the cost structure would look like….
Let’s say you have a $100K invoice with 30-day terms.
A financing company might immediately advance you 85% of that amount—$85K—and hold $15K in reserve.
Your customer then pays that invoice 2 weeks later. After subtracting the 3% processing fee of $3K, the financing company keeps its factoring fee—1% per week, which in this example is 2% or $2K—and gives you the $10K left over.
To learn more about Accounts Receivable Financing complete our 15-second online application today.
You might be feeling like $5K is a steep price to pay—but that all depends on your business’s financials.
If you needed money to make payroll a week after sending out that invoice, then your accounts receivable financing fees don’t seem too bad after all.
If you have an invoice, that is NET 30, 60 or even 90 days – getting funds immediately could be well worth the cost.
Your business’s financial situation might seriously benefit from extra cash flow—so capital right away could definitely outweigh the negative of those fees.
To learn more about Accounts Receivable Financing complete our 15-second online application today.